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The Kingdom School of Ministry offers an ordination program that helps to strengthen the pulpit and clergy ministry of the local church. In a day and age where most clergy do not have the opportunity to attend seminary or participate in formal on-campus Bible training, they still have a need to be trained and affirmed for ministry. The KSM Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program is designed to provide affordable and highly accessible Bible training for the serious Kingdom leader.

The KSM Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program can be offered to the individual or used in conjunction with the local church. The local church can utilize KSM as the institution that provides the training for their clergy for ordination and assists, if so desired, with their public affirmation. If your church desires, KSM can provide customized ordination certificates with the name of the sponsoring local church on the certificate. KSM can assist in taking your local church ministry to the next level by helping to ensure that all of your local church ministers are receiving uniformed Kingdom Bible training.

The KSM Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program is a tremendous opportunity for the local church to participate in structured ministry preparation for those who are called to ministry at the local church level. The KSM Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program also offers a structured program of ordination for the local church pastor who may never have had the opportunity to complete a structured process of ordination and would like to sharpen their Bible knowledge while contributing more credibility to their five-fold ministry office. Finally, KSM offers ordination for local ministers who have been recommended by their local church for ordination training and preparation.

The ordination process will not only strengthen the Kingdom leader doctrinally, but it will also assist the leader in establishing structured learning skills that will prove to be invaluable throughout the life of your ministry. The KSM Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program will demonstrate humility and the seriousness of Bible preparation for the call of ministry to those who follow you. The great Apostle Paul went away for three years for his initial study and then another 14 years to ensure that he was doctrinally solid. He also checked his doctrine with the apostles in Galatia and had hands laid upon him by the church leadership. Ordination is an important process in your ministry development and should not be taken lightly. KSM would like to assist you in your ordination process by providing you and your ministry with quality training and a public service of ministry affirmation.

The KSM Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program offers two programs of ordination:

The Ministers Ordination Program

The Fundamentals of Biblical Theology

This program is our introductory-level program that is recommended for everyone entering KSM. It provides the foundation for advanced theological learning that is key to maximizing the learning experiences from KSM’s other programs of study. The courses offered in this program can be completed in one year, or for the very aggressive minister six (6) months to one year. This program consists of 12 courses. Each course is four weeks long followed by an assessment at the end of each week to ensure your learning comprehension and success.

  • FBT 100: A Journey through the New Testament 1
  • FBT 101: A Journey through the New Testament 2
  • FBT 102: A Journey through the Old Testament 1
  • FBT 103: A Journey through the Old Testament 2
  • FBT 200: Understanding God (Systematic Theology 1)
  • FBT 201: Understanding the Church and Kingdom Practice (Systematic Theology 2)
  • FBT 202: The Apostles’ Doctrine (Systematic Theology 3)
  • FBT 203: World Religions and Christianity (Systematic Theology 4)
  • FBT 300: A Journey through Church History 1
  • FBT 301: A Journey through Church History 2
  • FBT 501: Introducing the Kingdom
  • FBT 502: The Gospel of the Kingdom
  • FBT 400: Biblical Formation
  • FBT 401: Theological Formation

The courses of the program can be completed between six months to a year depending upon the time availability of the candidate (it is strongly recommended that the candidate takes the year path). After the courses are completed, biblical and theological formation papers will be written that outlines and discusses your understanding of the Bible and theology. The papers will be examined by the ordination board and, upon satisfaction and approval, the papers will be bound and presented to the candidate at their ordination service. At the ordination service, the Kingdom presbytery will publicly acknowledge the candidate’s call to ministry by the laying on of hands, and present the candidate with a bound copy of his theological treatise and the certificate of ordination.

The Kingdom Leaders Ordination Program for Five-Fold Ministry

The ordination process for those called to any five-fold ministry office is the same as above, except these additional courses are included in the study curriculum:

  • FFS 100: Understanding the Five-fold Ministry
  • FFS 103: Kingdom Discussions in Theology
  • FFS 104: The Kingdom, The Church, and You 1
  • FFS 105: The Kingdom, The Church, and You 2
  • FFS 104: The Kingdom, The Culture, and You 1
  • FFS 105: The Kingdom, The Culture, and You 2

Ordination is provided for all five of the five-fold ministry offices.